Admission Procedure

Are you willing to invest the needed time and effort into your life to finally get the freedom you need? Teen Challenge Nigeria now serves teens and adults, and is the best program in the world for addressing the nature of drug and alcohol addictions.

Now, how do you enter the program? Below we hope to outline the steps we require for admission, as well all other pre-entry responsibilities that we place upon the applicant. There are several requirements for admission that come before all others. While some of these requirements may prove to be beyond the control of an individual, they are set forth with the work load, duties, and accommodation abilities of the program in mind.

In addition to the basic admission requirements, there are a few basic steps also required in order to complete the application process. While these steps can be done fairly quickly, they are necessary to ensure that each applicant knows as much about the program as possible before entering. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation in these matters.

Admission Requirements

Every applicant MUST have their own desire to both change and be a part of the Teen Challenge Nigeria. Applicant families need not urge their loved ones to apply if it is not their loved one’s personal desire to enter the program

While perfect health is obviously not a requirement, our program does incorporate a 3-5 hour work detail each day that our students are required to participate in. Students unable to do light lifting, yard work, or with limited mobility need to inform the Admissions Director at the center they are applying to in order to determine if physical condition(s) will prohibit entry into the program.

Teen Challenge Nigeria minimum age requirement for entry is 18. This requirement is for both the men’s and women’s programs. Anyone younger than 18 will have to be considered on an individual case basis for entry into Teen Challenge.

The Student Manual may be obtained one of two ways: it may be downloaded below or, if you choose, it can be mailed to you. Be advised that the mail obviously takes longer and could result in a much longer wait to be admitted.

Admission Requirements

Overcoming an addiction is not easy. It won’t happen overnight. But our trained staff are here to help you, our interns are here to mentor you and your fellow students are here to support you. You owe it to yourself to take the steps necessary to find total freedom from your addiction. After all, Teen Challenge has been operating drug and alcohol treatment centres for well over 50 years, all over the world.

Admission can be in a few days, if beds are available. Wait times can be as long as several months. If you are open to entry to another centre that has an open bed, we can discuss entry to another Teen Challenge Centre.

You must be willing to commit to a full year.

Teen Challenge is a highly scheduled and regimented program. A typical day will begin with personal devotional time and include coaching sessions, academic classes and work detail. 3 meals a day are provided and the day ends with some free time, recreational activities, life skill classes, or study time and will end with dorm prayer.

You will be encouraged to develop a spiritual life and relationship with God, through the discovery and study of biblical principles and their application.